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My mission is to inspire you. I've been fortunate to be able to travel much of the U.S. - all 50 states in fact. My hope is that you will use this site as a guide to find great natural places to enjoy.

On this site you will see plenty of photos of National Parks, beaches, canyons, wildlife and city skylines. Maps indicate where photos were taken. Use them to guide your journeys. When you're done clicking, start planning!

Scenic Trails

Recently I purchased a small video camera to carry with me while trail running. Image stabilization technology has greatly improved and so has the cost of these cameras.

With the use of a gimbal, a new challenge was set into motion. I wanted to capture the beauty of these trails across the U.S. See what's it's like to run on the rugged Western States trail in the Sierra Nevada.


With stunning, jaw-dropping landscapes, Yosemite could well be my Number One favorite places in the U.S. I have visited numereous times and still find new places to explore each trip.

This is THE PLACE for professional photographers with endless possibilities for experimentation. But it's really difficult to come home with bad vacation photos.

See the Album: Yosemite


Yellowstone is rich in scenic landscapes. This is one place with more scenic diversity than imagined. Waterfalls, canyons, geysers and abundant wildlife ensure you'll never put your camera away.

Old Faithful is located in this park and it isn't even the tallest geyser. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone hosts perhaps the most beautiful waterfall in the country - Lower Yellowstone Falls. You're likely to see a rainbow if there mid-morning. See my Yellowstone album for a sample of photos.

Recent Places

grand canyon

Grand Canyon - AZ

big bend

Big Big Bend - TX

More Scenic Places

northern arizona buttes

Monument Valley - AZ

california coast

Big Sur - CA

delicate arch

Arches - UT

Birds-Eye View

utah marsh

I travel quite a bit by air and often find myself clicking away at the landscape below. While it's not always the best quality shooting through a dirty window, I find it worthwhile to capture a perspective one rarely sees.

Coming Soon...

Recently I traveled back to Northern California on a business assignment. This time I brought the video camera. I will soon be uploading new images of the coastal trail just north of the Golden Gate.